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Mini Riser

Mini risers (feeders) are composed with carefully selected silica sand and 14 different chemicals, molded and baked according to the needs of companies. It is a disposable mold feeding system. Optionally, the mini riser’s ignition and combustion duration can be set.Mini riser with exothermic formulation is for casting of cast iron parts by high pressure automatic moulding lines. It is designed to extend the period of solidification of liquid metal.

They can be used for small surface area where the other exothermic sleeves can not be used.

Owing to the binder used in the production, it has a high compressive strength. So it is not broken under pressure. Mini riser is suitable for using in high pressure molding line.

Mini riser feeds with 70% of the liquid metal within it. Mini riser provides labor and high energy saving. In recent years,  it has become more important to save energy, so as need of mini feeder has increased.

The advantages of mini riser

It makes the same feeding with less waste liquid metal than exothermic and natural feeders.Natural risers can use %30 of liquid metal whereas mini riser’s rate is %60-70.So cost of remelt and used energy is decreased.

It can be added easily to the current systems, its installation is simple.

Owing  to the special production and using appropriately sized sand grains, it prevents some casting defects such as rupture and being dragged along.

Thanks to its minimum diameter of the feeding channel, after casting the cost of cleaning and grinding for parts is reduced.

Mini riser can be used for small surface area where the other exothermic sleeves can not be used.

It can be used in both horizontal and vertical molding. Also mini riser can be used in manual molding. Mini riser is utilizable in Turkey and most companies around the world by this feature.

Breaker core application

Breaker cores are used in metal casting in an integrated way with mini riser. They are glued to top of the mini riser. Hence they are between mold and feeder during the casting. They make less contact by the casting surface to improve quality of surface and to provide time and labor savings.

Breaker core can be produced in different geometrical structure in case of need. The main raw materials are silica and binder. There is a mouth to flow over the liquid metal. Metal breaker core’s function is to create a notch effect  by narrowing the diameter of the feed neck. Through this notch effect, after casting unwanted metal masses (solidified metal in the feeder hopper) can be seperated easily. Also because of narrow feeding neck, less trace occurs on the part.Thus, grinding cost is reduced. Furthermore, by using of some specially designed breaker cores, part does not need grinding after casting process.